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ISAJ is an association of Indian scientists in Japan to promote interactions among Indian researchers based in Japan together with their Japanese colleagues, for the development and strengthening of the research network. It will also serve as an information center for news, events, funding opportunities, and every nuance of research system in Japan. This  will not only help the Indian scientists in Japan but also talented researchers in India interested to develop their careers in Japan. ISAJ will facilitate and promote bilateral  research and technological projects between India and Japan.

India has a large pool of scientific manpower and excellent scientists who can collaborate with their Japanese counterparts for the advancement of science whereas the Japanese technology can accelerate the technological development of India. Realizing this fact, Japan and India have been taking various initiatives to enhance S&T (science and technology) cooperation between the two countries to support scientific research in frontier areas of S&T in the recent years. Such initiatives are envisioned to enhance possibilities of complementing each other S&T efforts. It is now widely realized that the synergy in the field of S&T would be a pre-requisite for a long-term successful industrial and economic cooperation between India and Japan.