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ISAJ Membership

We invite you to join as official member of the Indian Scientists Association in Japan (ISAJ). You might be aware that ISAJ was registered as a non-profit organization (NPO) in Ibaraki Prefecture of Japan on July 27 2010. ISAJ was founded in 2008 to: (1) bring all Indian scientists and researchers working in Japan into a global platform and promote a career network (2) promote S&T cooperation between Japan and India by facilitating greater interaction between Indian scientists and researchers and scientific community in Japan (3) formulate strategy to cultivate the next generation of Indian scientists and scholars through close interaction with their counterparts in Japan and other countries (4) share the experiences about Japanese culture and way of life for the advantage of prospective researchers from India who would like to pursue their academic/research career in Japan (5) organize scientific meetings/symposia/conference and disseminate information about the research activities pursued by the Indian and Japanese scientific community through scientific publications.

Membership is available to any individual who is a short-term or long-term resident of Japan and who has interest in any or all branches of science and technology as evidenced by professional affiliation in any scientific or technological society/academic institution of higher learning, or by professional activity.

General membership is available under three categories: (1) Regular Member (2) Student Member (3) Life Member. Regular membership is available for residents of Japan who want to become member of ISAJ for a period of one year and annual membership fee is 5,000 Yen. Student membership is available for residents in Japan seeking a masters, doctorate, or equivalent level degree who want to become a member of ISAJ for a period of one year and annual membership fee is 2,000 Yen. Life membership is available for long- term residents in Japan who want long-term/lifelong association with ISAJ and one-time membership fee is 50,000 Yen.

Supporting membership is available to the individuals having interest in the goals of ISAJ who wish to provide financial contributions of not less than 20,000 Yen annually. Supporting member will be treated as a general member of ISAJ with out having the voting right. (General Members can also provide additional financial contribution under this category over and above the regular membership dues).

Institutional/ Corporate/ Patron membership is available to organizations and companies who wish to subscribe annually as Corporate/Institutional/Patron sponsors (please contact ISAJ office for information regarding sponsorship/subscription rates).

Membership dues support costs associated with carrying out the missions of ISAJ, including meetings/symposia/conference planning, elections, publications, web site maintenance, communication and management expenses. The full membership fee is paid upon joining along with the admission fee (¥1000), which is payable only once at the time of joining the society for the first time. Upon payment, members will receive all benefits as member of ISAJ to which they are entitled for that membership period.

Please find attached the Membership Application Form as MS Word and PDF files. Please fill up the application under whichever membership category you fit in and mail the completed application form to: The Chairman, ISAJ, Nagakuni Dai 3-24, Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki-ken, 300-0810 Japan or by Email:

Please join to make ISAJ a robust forum for the benefit of Indian researchers/scientists working in Japan and also for the future of Japan-India scientific and technological collaboration.

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