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Sixth Interactive Lecture TSUKUBA

By KAUL - Posted on 25 November 2011


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Organizes an informal and interactive series of lectures

Please join us for Interactive Lecture 6

Topic – Topic – “Quasicrystals - Indian and Japanese contributions”

Speaker – Dr. Alok SINGH

Chief Researcher

Microstructure Design Group

Research Center for Strategic Materials/Structural Materials Unit

National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS)
Sengen, Tsukuba



Venue - Ninomiya House, Assembly Hall, 1st Floor

November 27, 2011 (Saturday), 5:30 pm ~

For details contact:  Sunil Kaul

Green house gas emissions from fossil fuels influence seriously to the earth, so-called global warming. Environmental concerns with legislation in 1970, catalytic converters have been introduced to detoxify the tailpipe emissions. In the first part of this lecture, the consequences and an introduction about automobile exhaust purification catalytic converters would be discussed. The fundamentals of catalytic conversion, in particular CO oxidation, of tailpipe emissions and the key role of basic components of catalytic converter would be explained in detail. The current scenario and the recent developments of catalytic converters towards automotive applications would also be discussed at the end.


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