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2015 ISAJ Symposium Announcement

By admin - Posted on 21 October 2015

6th ISAJ Symposium on Recent Advances in Science and Technology 

Venue: Indian Embassy Auditorium, Tokyo

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Date:  Decmber 4 2015


Honorary Patron: H.E. Ms. Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa, The Ambassador of India

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Dr. Swadhin Behera


Dr. Mahendra Kumar


Organizing Committee:

Dr. Alok Singh

Dr. Sunil Kaul

Dr. Kedar Mahapatra

Prof. D. Sakthi Kumar

Prof. Ruby Pawankar

Dr. Samik Ghosh

Prof. Atsushi Suzuki

Prof. Mamoru Mitsuishi

Prof. T. Pradeep

Dr. Takeya Komiya

Dr. Toshio Saito

Dr. Renu Wadhwa

Dr. Manish Biyani

Dr. Asima Sultana

Dr. Baiju G. Nair

Dr. Venkata Ratnam

Dr. Rajyashree Sundaram

Dr. Rajkumar Singh

Dr. Venu Srinivas

Dr. Debabrata Payra

Dr. Deepa Kamath

Dr. Satyaban Ratna

Ms. Sonali Chauhan

Mr. Saurabh Sharma

The Indian Scientists Association in Japan (ISAJ) is going to organize  6th  Symposium on December 4, 2015, at the Indian Embassy Auditorium, Tokyo. ISAJ Symposium is an annual interdisciplinary symposium organized by the Indian Scientists Association in Japan (ISAJ). It provides an opportunity for young and established researchers to showcase their research, discuss ideas and foster collaborations. 

Rapid advances in health, materials, earth and environment sciences and emerging areas of nano-technology have enabled us to deal with new challenges to sustain healthy society and environment. The theme/objective of this symposium is to promote multidisciplinary/trans-d

isciplinary researches to address the societal needs including healthcare and a stressed environment through smarter materials, technologies and strategies and a best combination of multidisciplinary sciences.

Guest of Honors:

The Ambassador of India

Dr. Michinari Hamaguchi, President, JST 

Dr. Yasuhiro Iye, Executive Director, JSPS


Key Speakers:

Dr. Asahiko Taira,         President, JAMSTEC

Dr. Koichi Tsuchiya,       Director, RCSM, NIMS

Dr. Tomohiro Tamura,       Director, BRI, AIST

Dr. Junji   Urakawa,                          KEK, Japan

Dr. Eiji Abe,              The University of Tokyo

Dr. Manako Tanaka,         Tokyo University of Arts



9:00-9:15; Registration, 9:15-10:30; Inauguration and keynote speech, 11:00-17:40; Science sessions 17:40-18:30; Cultural program

The 6th annual symposium of ISAJ plans to set up a platform for such interdisciplinary interactions amongst not only the specialized renowned scientists, but also young researchers and students. 


Abstract volume ==>

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