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2019 ISAJ Symposium Announcement

By MahendraKumar - Posted on 11 September 2019

December 09, 2019                                                                                                    10th ISAJ Annual Symposium

India - Japan Symposium on 

Interdisciplinary S&T Innovations for Sustainable Society



Osaka University Hall

Toyonaka Campus, Osaka University 

Osaka, Japan

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Honorary Patron

H.E. Mr. Sanjay Kumar Verma

The Ambassador of India to Japan

Honorary Advisor

Dr. (Mrs.) Usha Dixit, Counsellor (S&T),  Embassy of India, Tokyo

Organized by: 


Dr. Mahendra Kumar Pal


Dr. Golap Kalita

Dr. Rajiv Kumar Verma


Organizing Committee:

Dr. Sunil Kaul

Dr. Alok Singh

Dr. Kedar Mahapatra

Dr. Swadhin Behera

Prof. D. Sakthi Kumar

Prof. Ruby Pawankar

Dr. Renu Wadhwa

Prof. Atsushi Suzuki

Dr. Priyanka Jood

Dr. Manish Biyani

Dr. Manjiri R. Kulkarni

Dr. PK Hashim

Dr. Sneha 

Dr. Samik Ghosh

Dr. Santosh Gothwal 

Dr. Sharath Srinivasmurthy

Dr. Chaitra Shekhar

Mr. Alok Kumar

Mr. Bishwajeet



We are pleased to inform you that Indian Scientists Association in Japan (ISAJ) is going to organize its 10thannual symposium entitled “Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Innovations for Sustainable Society” on December 9th, 2019 (Monday) at the Osaka University Hall in Toyonaka campus of Osaka University. 

Symposium will commemorate 10thAnniversary of ISAJ. Ever since its establishment in 2009, ISAJ has been proactively building bridges between Indian and Japanese researchers by bringing them together and encouraging them to undertake collaborative research projects mutually beneficial to both the countries. Towards these objectives, ISAJ has been organizing an interdisciplinary symposium annually to provide a platform for academicians, researchers, and students based in Japan to showcase their latest scientific achievements.

The theme of this year symposium is Science and Technology Innovations for Sustainable Society. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), set and adopted by all United Nations members in the year 2015 requires effective use of science, technology, and innovation. Global sustainability challenges are complex and involve multiple interdependent issues such as climate change, environmental degradation, energy security, and resource depletion. Increasingly, policy-makers in government and industry are looking to science and technology innovation to provide the solutions for the sustainable economic development of society. 

Symposium will enable the scientists to reflect on how different disciplines of science, engineering, and technology can be better integrated towards creating innovative solutions to the sustainability challenges. You are cordially invited to participate in the symposium. 

Sessions will be designed around dedicated topics and will include keynote and plenary talks by eminent scientists and researchers. There will also be oral and poster presentations by the participants. 


Deadline for abstract submissionsNovember 22nd, 2019 (Closed!!)

Abstracts submission are encouraged for short oral and poster presentations on any disciplines of science and technology at


Our Esteemed Guests and Speakers

                          Inaugural Session

Opening Remarks

Dr. Usha Dixit, Counsellor (S&T), Embassy of India

Inaugural Address

H.E. Sanjay Kumar Verma, The Ambassador of India to Japan

H.E. B. Shyam, Consul General of India, Osaka-Kobe.

Keynote Address

Prof. Hiroshi Sugiyama, Chemical Biology Sugiyama Laboratory, Kyoto University

Prof. Kazuhiko Nakatani, Professor, Dept of Regulatory Bioorganic Chemistry, Osaka University

                                  Invited Speakers

Dr. Mototada Shichiri, AIST Kansai Center, Osaka

Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Researcher, Toyohashi University of Technology, Nagoya.

Dr. P.K. Hashim, Post-doc fellow, Dept of Chemistry and Biology, The University of Tokyo

Dr. Tomomi Tani, Senior Resarcher, AIST Kansai Center, Osaka

Dr. Raj Kumar Kalra, Researcher, Biomedical Research Institute, AIST

Dr. Lokesh P. Tripathi, Resracher, National Institute of Biomedical Innovations, Health and Nutrition (NIBIOHN), Osaka.

Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta, Researcher, RIKEN, Kobe.

Dr. Rumpa Pal, Researcher, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba.

                             Plenary Speakers

Dr. Masami Kojima, Team Leader, AIST Kansai Center.

Prof. Sudhir Krishna, Prof, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India.

Prof. Hemanta Hazarika,  Professor, Dept of Civil & Structural Engineering, Kyushu University

Dr. Sarat K Sahoo, Senior Principal Researcher at National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Sciences and Technology (QST),

                              Aspiring Young Researcher Session

Dr. Naoko Ikeo, Assiatant Prof.,  Kobe University, Kobe

Dr. Netranand Sahu, Post-doc Researcher, Kyoto University, Kyoto

Dr. Sharath Srinivasamurthy, Post-doc fellow, Dept of Marine System Engineering, Osaka Prefectural University,

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